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Have Our Fractional Market Insights Team Accelerate Your Revenue Opportunities

We provide you with your own fractional market insight consulting team

with over 30 years of experience helping launch over 150 solutions

across the US, EMEA, LATM, and APAC.   We aim to accelerate revenue

opportunities essential for satisfying investors or corporate leadership.

Examples of services we provide include:

  • Determine the market potential of new technology concepts

  • Assess the market viability 

  • Understand the most viable segment revenue opportunities

  • Determining the barriers-to-entry

  • Ascertain the solution design/configuration to enter a new market

  • Determine the market potential of product line extensions

  • Measure "new" market opportunities and understand the most successful strategies


Benefits of Fractional Market Insights Team

  • Trusted and economical access to one of the most experienced technology market insights teams in the industry

  • On-demand support with industry-savvy team members

  • Ability to work on multiple insight initiatives concurrently

  • Ability to deliver a wide array of decision-driving insights across your functional teams

  • Reducing the risk of making inferior market entry/strategy decisions

  • Maximizing ROI and payback of initial capital outlay

Specific Market Insights for Leadership

Market Sizing and Opportunity Analysis

New Product Market Potential

New Segment Market Potential

New Country Market Sizing

Services -Segmentation.png


Customer Base Segmentation
New Market Segmentation

Segment Valuation

Homepage - Customer Insights.png

Customer Experience and Purchase Modeling

Customer Journey Mapping

Purchase Hurdle Analysis
Win/Loss Analysis


Product/Brand Positioning 

 Brand Awareness Tracking 

 MARCOM Message Development

Competitive Landscape and Market Entry

Market Landscape Analysis

Market Entry Requirements

Competitive Intelligence Tracking

Product/Service Development

New Product/Service Potential 

 Product Line Extension 

 Program Effectiveness Tracking 

Services - Pricing.png

Pricing Strategy/Competitive Pricing

Price Elasticity and Demand 

Competitive Pricing Modeling and Tracking

Market Price Optimization

Services - Channel.png

Channel Optimization

Competitive Channel Analysis

 International Channel Optimization 

 Distribution Strategy Analysis 

Services - Service and Support.png


Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction Tracking 

 Support Offering Packaging 

 Support Pricing Optimization 

 Service/Support Competitive Analysis 

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