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Serving a Wide Spectrum of Technology Companies

Gallatin's Factional Market Insight team leverages our extensive experience working with technology companies around the world to provide many types of companies with the insights they require to become a market leader.


Whether you're a venture capital firm assisting a seed company, a start-up seeking guidance on solution development and market opportunities or a mature organization seeking multi-national market insights and competitive intelligence support, Gallatin's 30 years of experience in identifying salient differences in each situation enables us to offer unparalleled value and guidance.

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Client Testimonials

VP of Enterprise Technology Company Division

"I have several copies of Gallatin's insights findings on my desk, so I can make sure they get a copy.  Their findings helped our worldwide team make significant changes to our offerings that directly impacted customer engagement." 

CTO, International SaaS Solution Provider

"Gallatin's findings and recommendations gave us the confidence to expand our solution-set for future growth.  Their ability to garner hard-to-get information was uncanny."

VP of Marketing, #1 Smartphone Provider

"Gallatin's experience in several countries and cultures allowed us to meet our product development timeline and contributed directly to our ability to make key decisions by market.  In addition, their ability to become part of our internal team to help drive decision-making was awe-inspiring."

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